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Terms of Use


Our Terms of Use govern your use of our eTools. We modify them periodically and changes become effective immediately. By continuing to use the eTools, you are agreeing to be bound by any changes we make to the Terms of Use.

By ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ or ‘HSF’ we mean the Heart and Stroke Foundations across Canada, collectively.

By ‘you’, ‘your’ or ‘user’ we mean an individual who uses an eTool.

By ‘Personal Information’ we mean information about an identifiable individual. This information may include your age, weight, exercise and other health habits, personal or family history of chronic illness, We don’t consider your business title and business contact information to be Personal Information.

What are eTools?

Our eTools are health information and self-management programs that help you to manage your health conditions and achieve your health goals. In administering the eTools, we may collect Personal Information so that we can provide you with information that may allow you to:

  • help you to determine your risk of heart disease and stroke, and actions you can take to live a longer and fuller life
  • set health goals and review your progress
  • receive personalized health resources
  • track your weight or blood pressure, record information about your health appointments, and write journal entries about your goals and progress
  • share information, if you choose, with other people by using your email program, an online forum (eg Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites or pages) or other websites or resources

The eTools are free and you can access them from our Web Sites or download them from mobile application stores.

Our eTools also include ‘HSF Content’ such as logos and trademarks and articles about health-related topics. HSF Content is the property of the HSF or its owners as the case may be, and is protected by Canadian and international copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws.

The content you enter into the eTools, which may include text, images and other materials, is your 'User Content' and you own and control it.

‘Content’ refers to HSF Content together with User Content. Except for the rights you may have in User Content entered by you into the eTools, you do not acquire ownership rights or any implied right to any Content obtained, accessed or viewed through the eTools, and the posting of information or materials into the eTools does not constitute a waiver of any rights in such information, materials and/or Content.

Using the eTools

  1. To access and use the eTools, you must agree to the Terms of Use. Some eTools also require you to register by creating a user account.
  2. You are authorized to use the eTools only if you agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations and our Terms of Use, our Website Privacy Policy and you are 19 years of age or older.
  3. By accepting the Terms of Use you represent that you are 19 years of age or older. We may delete your User Content we hold without warning if we believe that you are younger than 18.
  4. You agree to use the eTools for lawful purposes only and acknowledge that your failure to do so may subject you to criminal and civil liability.
  5. Your access to and use of the eTools is restricted to your personal, non-commercial use. You acknowledge that the eTools enable you to store User Content temporarily.

Acceptable Use

  1. HSF reserves the right (but is not obligated) to:
    • In its sole discretion, monitor, delete or request the removal of any User Content, for any reason, at any time, and without prior notice, regardless of whether the User Content meets the standards defined in this Agreement.
    • Take legal action against anyone who, in the HSF's sole discretion, violates our Terms of Use.
  2. The HSF has no liability or responsibility to users or any other person or entity for performance on non-performance of the aforementioned activities.
  3. When you use the eTools, you may not:
    • Place any material on the eTools that is advertising a product or service, is invasive of or risky to any other person’s privacy or security, that would give rise to civil liability, or that otherwise violates any local, provincial, national or international law or regulation
    • Rebroadcast, retransmit or redistribute any HSF Content without our express written permission
    • Post any defamatory, abusive, harassing, mean-spirited, slanderous, embarrassing to any other person or entity, threatening, offensive, sexually explicit or illegal material or any material containing blatant expressions of bigotry, racism or hate, as determined by us in our sole discretion
    • Upload or distribute any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or the eTools
    • Circumvent or modify, or attempt or encourage any other person to do the same, any security technology or measures or software that is part of the eTools
    • Post any copyrighted material on or within the eTools without authorization
    • Use the eTools in an unlawful manner or any other manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the eTools

If you have any concerns about acceptable use contact us at: privacyoffice@hsf.on.ca or by contacting the privacy officer in your province.

Our Privacy and Security Responsibilities and Practices

  1. General Practices

    • We manage your Personal Information in accordance with the HSF Website Privacy Policy which should be reviewed in conjunction with these Terms of Use.
    • The HSF does not transmit Personal Information outside of North America.
  2. Information Collection and Use
  3. We capture information when: a) you enter it into the eTools; or b) we log it about usage. Some information may be Personal Information.

    Account Information

    Some of our eTools require you to register by creating a user account. Where this is the case, we collect your email address and password and use them to create your eTools account, and to authenticate you when you sign-in. We also require you to pick a user name which we use to identify you in our systems and which will appear beside any comments you post in the eTools. Your comments and user name may be visible to other eTools users where sharing functionality exists.

    We ask you to identify the country/ province/ territory in which you live to help us to manage our eTools and HSF business and operations. For example, we may use it to evaluate use of the eTools or to develop or implement provincial marketing campaigns.

    We may use your email address to: a) communicate with you about the eTools eg to tell you about updates to our Terms of Use or the HSF Website Privacy Policy, or to let you know about changes we’re making to the eTools; b) provide eTools support emails; and c) send you HSF mission-related information. You may opt-out of receiving eTools support emails or HSF mission-related information at any time by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in an email we send you or by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer.

    When you register for the eTools, you may also sign-up to receive emails promoting the HSF’s charitable aims, including fundraising requests and information about our programs and events. We will only send you promotional emails if you expressly agree that we can send you them. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in our promotional emails or by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer.

    Usage-Related Information

    This is information that we log about eTools usage. For example, it could include:

    • IP addresses of a computer or device
    • statistics such as how often and for how long users visit the eTools
    • browser information or other application used
    • operating system of the computer or device
    • referring web pages
    • logs of which activities users perform using the eTools (eg viewing and completing challenges) and the outcomes of those activities (eg rewards won)
    • logs of whether and how often users share.

    We do not log:any information you choose to share with third parties using your email program or an online forum (eg Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites or pages) or other websites or resources. If you share using Facebook, our mobile applications may access your basic Facebook profile data and store your user name on your device but we do not capture that information on our servers.

    We use usage-related Information to manage our business and operations eg to evaluate and enhance the eTools, to track usage and for security purposes. We may retain Usage-Related Information indefinitely.

    HSF web server administrators may produce summary reports from these logs and share that information with content managers. We typically use this information in aggregate to understand what pages are popular, how users are navigating to and within the site and when the site is used most frequently. While information in server logs generally cannot be used to identify individuals, you should be aware that such information may be captured.

    To protect your privacy, please do not send us confidential information by email.

    Non-Personally Identifiable Information (‘NPII’)

    NPII is Account Information, User Content and Usage-Related Information, or a combination of them, either from which we have removed Personal Information or which is not Personal Information. We use NPII to manage our business and operations eg to evaluate and enhance the eTools and to undertake and publish research. We may retain NPII indefinitely.

    If we require you to register to use an eTool, you may choose whether to allow us to include NPII derived from your Account Information and User Content in our research database. We will not do so without your express agreement.

    If we do not require you to register to use an eTool, we will include NPII derived from your User Content in our research database. Please do not agree to the Terms of Use and use the eTools if you disagree with us including NPII derived from your User Content in our research database.

    Access to Information

    HSF employees, agents and service providers may access and use Account Information, User Content, Usage-Related Information or NPII for limited business reasons eg providing technical support for the eTools or performing statistical analyses. HSF agents and service providers may temporarily store information on their servers, but they may only use it to provide us with a specific service. They must ensure that information is stored and communicated in a safe and secure manner and that there is no unauthorized use or sharing of it.

  4. Information Sharing
  5. We will only share Account Information, User Content and Usage-Related Information, including Personal Information, with third parties if: 1) they’re assisting us to operate or manage the eTools; or 2) we have your consent to do so; 3) If you are completing this AS part of a wellness program offered by your employer, your data will be de-identified, aggregated and MAYBE shared with your employer to help them develop programs to help you improve or maintain your health; 4) we’re permitted or required to do so by laws or regulations or to comply with other legal requirements; or 5) if we are involved in a merger or other reorganization and the third party is the resulting organization.

    We do not share your Personal Information, including your email address, with advertisers or third parties such as other non-profit organizations.

    We may share NPII with other organizations: 1) where permitted or required to do so by laws or regulations or to comply with other legal requirements; or 2) for other purposes as we deem, in our sole discretion, to be appropriate. For example, we may provide NPII to researchers.

    Some eTools let you share information with others.

  6. Security
  7. We use commercially reasonable administrative, technical, personnel and physical measures to safeguard information in our possession against loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification.

  8. Questions, Comments or Concerns About Privacy
  9. Kindly contact our Chief Privacy Officer at 416-489-7111 ex 425, by email at privacy@hsf.on.ca or by post at: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Attn: Chief Privacy Officer, 2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1300, P.O. Box 2414, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1E4.

    To protect your privacy, please do not send us confidential information by email.

Your Privacy and Security Responsibilities

You play a critical role in protecting your privacy and the security of your Account Information and User Content.

  1. You are responsible for:
    • deciding whether to enter User Content
    • providing accurate Account Information and User Content
    • registering with an email address that is solely accessed by you
    • choosing a password that isn't easily guessable and keeping it secret
    • changing your password immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your eTool account or that someone knows your password
    • using the eTools securely eg logging-out each time you finish using the eTools if you use a shared computer or other device
    • securing the computer or other device you use to access an eTool eg password-protecting access to them
    • deciding whether and how much Personal Information to post or share via any forum, Twitter page, Facebook page or other social networking page or site or any other website linked to any of the eTools. When you access such linked websites, forum or social networking pages or sites you are doing so at your own risk and are subject to their terms and conditions of use, including any applicable privacy policies.
  2. You agree not to enter any Personal Information about another individual in an eTool unless you first have that person's express consent.

We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with your responsibilities.

Updating and Deleting User Content/ Terminating Use

  • You may see, change or delete your User Content at any time by accessing the eTools.
  • We retain Account Information and User Content that we hold until such times as either you or we terminate your use of the eTools.
  • You may terminate your use of the eTools at any time, for any reason.
  • We may terminate your use of the eTools at any time, without liability, for any and no reason and with or without prior notice or explanation, acting in our sole discretion.
  • On termination, we will deactivate your eTools registration (where applicable) and you will no longer be able to access your User Content held by us. We may retain your email address to continue to send you mission-related information or promotional emails if you have previously agreed to us doing so. We will either de-identify the remainder of your Account Information and your User Content that we hold or, on your request, we will delete it from our active databases. You should be aware that it is not technologically possible to remove each and every record of any information you have provided from our back-up solutions.

If you wish to terminate your registration or make a deletion request, contact us at esupport@hsf.on.ca.


The laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada apply to all matters relating to these Terms of Use.

Contacting Us

We hope that you find our eTools useful and easy to use and we value your feedback. Please contact us at esupport@hsf.on.ca with any questions, requests or comments.


We provide the eTools as a public service only and you use them at your own risk. Any content provided in relation to the eTools or on HSF’s websites is for informational, reference and educational purposes only. HSF assumes no responsibility or liability arising from any error in, or omission of, information, or from the use of any information or advice contained in any of its e-mails or websites. For clarity, we shall not be liable for any and all damages howsoever caused (including, but not limited to, negligence, personal injury or death) resulting from the use or inability to use the eTools or the User Content or HSF Content presented in them.

Not Medical Advice

HSF does not provide medical advice. The eTools and other content of our web sites including postings, messages, text, graphics, images and other material provide users with information to help them better understand their health, diagnosed conditions, and the current range of approaches related to cardiovascular treatment, prevention, screening, and supportive care. Information contained in any HSF web site is not intended to be considered or relied upon as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice, a medical diagnosis or treatment from a qualified physician or healthcare professional. HSF urges users to consult with a qualified physician or healthcare professional for diagnosis and for answers to their personal medical questions. You are responsible for obtaining appropriate medical advice from a physician or other qualified healthcare professional prior to acting upon any information available through HSF e-mails at or through any of HSF’s web sites.

Not Emergency or Crisis Care

HSF web sites are not for emergency use. If you require emergency help, contact your local emergency services (for example, in many jurisdictions in Canada you can call 911 or go to your local hospital emergency room).

No Endorsement

HSF does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. For greater clarity, the mentioning of commercial products, processes, or services on any HSF web site, or the acceptance by HSF of financial support from organizations dealing in commercial products, processes or services mentioned in any HSF e-mail or on any HSF web site, does not constitute an endorsement of nor can it be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of such commercial products, processes or services or any organization.


HSF websites provide links to other Internet sites only for informational purposes and for the convenience of its users. When users select a link to an external website, they are leaving the HSF website and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the external site.

HSF does not endorse organizations that sponsor linked, external websites. In addition, HSF does not endorse the views they express or the products or services that such organizations may offer. HSF does not control or guarantee the currency, accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information found on linked, external websites.

HSF cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials published on linked, external websites. Users must request such authorization from the sponsors of those linked websites.

HSC is not responsible for transmissions users may receive from linked, external websites.

HSF is not responsible for or liable in any way for commercial transactions which users transact with linked websites.

We provide the eTools as a public service only and you use them at your own risk. We shall not be liable for any and all damages howsoever caused (including, but not limited to, negligence, personal injury or death) resulting from the use or inability to use the eTools or the User Content or HSF Content presented in them.


Except as expressly provided in a particular "legal notice" on the HSF Web Sites or the eTools, these Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the eTools.

By checking the box that indicates acceptance of HSF Terms of Use, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to these Terms of Use, including the Disclaimer and the HSF Website Privacy Policy. By continuing to use the eTools you agree that you have accepted these Terms of Use. If you choose not to accept these Terms of Use, you may close this window now and leave the HSF web site.